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In the summer of 2019 I had an idea of starting my own business. I always loved fashion and dressing up whether it was wearing Cinderella dresses or putting on make up. This seems like the coolest job to me ever since elementary. So that year I started learning about business and taught myself many things. The summer of 2019 on my birthday I launched my website. In the beginning I didn’t gain much traction but I continue to push through. I collaborated with small companies and influencers and slowly build my brand. When quarantine hit it was my chance to put my full effort into my dream. I started making TikTok’s and posted on Instagram. And I just took one video to change my life. Now I have gained attention from 26K people along with 4K on Instagram. One of which is the TikTok sensation Avani. From here on out I have evolved my brand and continue to create new designs and clothing pieces that are different and classy yet charming. Future plans of my business include opening a huge warehouse and becoming the most well-known brand out there. I know there is a lot more to come and hard work to ensue but with the help of lovely supporters and dreaming continuously I know that it is possible.

I’ve always struggled with confidence, being myself and being comfortable with who I am so the word beyoutiful meant many things to me. Of course to some people it may sound corny but this statement is a continuous reminder of who I am and how much I can accomplish. I want other girls to look up to this meeting and use it as a daily message, that beauty is in everyone. 

I’ve learned so much about life through this short experience. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to except me and not everyone is gonna want the best for me and I’ve excepted it. I’ve also learned that I am capable of things that I’ve never imagined I could ever do. And I know there’s a lot more to learn. I can’t wait to.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. Please help us achieve our goals by supporting. Whether it’s liking a video commenting something sweet or purchasing an item. It helps power my dreams and my willpower. Even though we are still a baby I hope we can grow. In a way this brand has not only changed my life but saved mine. Finally I dream that we can have the same impact on future supporters and dreamers.

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